Friday, April 13, 2012

Women...The Guy Magnet

Do you believe men are complicated? Do you find them to be confusing and frustrating at the same time? Do you ever wish that you had a secret window which could help you look inside a man’s mind and figure out what he is thinking?

Isn’t it truly frustrating…

When a man never calls you back after a great first date when he promised he would? And you desperately wait for that one special phone call which never comes?

When he says he likes you but at the same time takes you for granted? And you hate it when it keeps happening over and over again?

When he shows loads of interest in you but then withdraws completely for no reason? And you don’t even know why?

Isn’t it absolutely crazy when men say things they don’t mean…Make promises they don’t keep and leave you hanging in the middle?

And the ugly part is…When this happens men usually never have a good enough explanation.


Why can’t he just be a bit more considerate towards my feelings and let me know what he is thinking in regards to me?

I know…I know…It kind of leaves you hopeless and you start to feel that there is something seriously wrong with most men out there. 

But let me give you some truth on this matter…When a man says one thing but ends up doing the exact opposite of it…He has his reasons…And in order to understand all that I am going to show you how to read his mind.

I am sure you are probably thinking – Can it really be that easy to read his mind and figure out exactly what he is thinking? Well yes it is…And if you truly want to master this art…I expect your complete attention. Stop whatever else you are doing at the moment and pay full attention to this report. (And no skipping any parts…)

So do I have your attention now? YES? Good…Let’s get started…

The Truth Sits In What He Does… 
Not What He Says…

If you really want to know what is going on in a man’s mind all you have to do is to focus on his actions and completely ignore his words. Let me illustrate with some examples –

Let’s say you went out on a date & the guy promised to call you back but never did….

What could it possibly mean…

- Maybe he lost your phone number.
- Maybe he is busy.
- Maybe he is nervous about it.

I am sure you can come up with more maybes but if you were to study his action…There is one thing which is screaming out loud and that is this –


If he did…He would call you…What’s on his mind will reflect in his actions. 

You aren’t on his mind and you aren’t on the top of his list of priorities.  I know it sounds harsh but it’s the truth. A man can never be busy enough to forget to call a girl he likes…In fact! If he truly liked you…he would put you above everything else going on in his life and will call you for sure.

Now let’s take another example – let’s say you are confused about your current relationship and don’t know whether your boyfriend will marry you or not. And whenever you ask him he either completely avoids the question or just changes the topic.

What’s going on here? You can again sit there and come up with more maybes such as –

- Maybe this isn’t the right time to talk about it.
- Maybe he is really stressed at work and I should avoid this topic.
- Maybe he is waiting for the right time to propose.
- Maybe he wants to be financially stable before he commits etc etc.

But what do his actions say? If you were to purely focus on his actions you’d know that something isn’t right. Since he isn’t ready to discuss it…He is indirectly letting you know that he won’t marry you.

This doesn’t mean that this same guy won’t be married some day but the harsh truth is that he won’t be married to you. If he truly wanted to marry you, then you won’t even have to do the asking…He will do the asking.

There is no such thing as the “RIGHT TIME”…It’s all about the “RIGHT WOMAN”. And when a guy has found the woman who triggers all the right buttons in his head…He will do everything necessary to keep her and settle down with her.

If It Is This Easy To Figure Him Out… 
Why Do So Many Women Still Struggle?

Very good question…And I’ll give you a very good answer too. It’s because most women make excuses and become blind to the truth.

I guess you know what I mean…Nothing is more painful than learning that the man you desperately love doesn’t have similar feelings towards you. It’s extremely terrifying and in order to avoid all the hassle and pain. Women do the next best thing…And that is to give their man the benefit of the doubt…

Here are common examples –

When a guy isn’t asking you out…

Possible Excuse Women Use…
The Real Truth...
Oh he is shy, and waiting for the right moment.
If he liked you enough he’d know how to ask you.

When a guy keeps you waiting on the phone...
 or won’t return your phone calls…

Possible Excuse Women Use…
The Real Truth...
He must be busy with other more important things.

He is giving other things more priority since you aren’t that important to him.

When a guy always says hurtful things….

Possible Excuse Women Use…
The Real Truth...
He must have been angry I know he doesn’t mean it.

He isn’t concerned about your feelings and is inconsiderate. If he was, he would never say or do anything which hurts you.
When you aren’t sure if he likes you or not…

Possible Excuse Women Use…
The Real Truth...
Maybe he likes me but is too shy to say it to me.

A guy won’t keep you guessing if he really likes you, in fact he would be afraid that some other guy might take you away from him and will do everything in his power to let you know that he likes you either by words or by his actions around you.

When a guy has regular sex with you 
 he won’t really take you out or talk on the phone…

Possible Excuse Women Use…
The Real Truth...
I like what we have currently and I don’t want to ruin things. I’ll wait for him to get more serious.

You are his sex toy, nothing more and nothing less. If he only wishes to see you when he is in the mood for sex then that alone tells you a great deal about what he wants from you.

When he is in a relationship with you
 also flirts with other girls…

Possible Excuse Women Use…
The Real Truth...
Oh! He’s always been the flirty kind and I know he only does it occasionally for fun. Not something I should worry about.

If he is flirting, it means he is keeping his options open. Which means that he isn’t exclusive to you, which also means that some day in the near future something will happen which won’t please you, which means you better be prepared for it right away. Accept it now or be prepared for something shocking in the near future.

It’s insane the lengths women go to when they are excited about some guy and really like him. They try to make sense of the most senseless situation and try to come up with really odd excuses to turn an unsatisfying situation into a satisfactory one.

Always remember that his actions speak louder than words. What he does is what he is thinking. And what he says might not be the truth…Make it a habit to always focus on his actions.

What You Must Remember...

- Men are not as complicated as most women think. They are very simple and straightforward. The story going on in their mind will always reflect in their actions. So study the actions and ignore the words. You will never face confusion that way.

- Never get tricked with his words, a man could say a thousand things to you and not mean any of it. You should only believe his words when they are followed with suitable action.

- If he makes a commitment and never follows through, then you must know right there that something isn't right.

- Always judge a man’s character based on how often he follows through with his commitments. A man with a solid character will always do what he says he is going to do. His words and his actions will be in perfect harmony.

- Never give a man the benefit of the doubt more than once. If he failed you once, he is very likely to do it over and over again.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Love means....

Do you feel your brains turn to mush as soon as cupids arrow spears your heart? 
  • Did your heart ever become your goal?
  • Did he become your world?
  • Do you feel the need to control him?
  • Do you want to be his everything?
  • Did you ever change your entire world to be with him?
  • Did he, for you?
  • Do you want his eyes to be only on you?
  • Do you feel like you can never say anything right?
  • Do you try to share your thoughts with him, only to alienate him?
  • Do you tear your hair out every time he looks at you like you are an alien?
  • Do you wish today was as sweet as the first day that you laid your eyes on him?
  • Do you wish you had never heard any stories about his past?
  • Do you wish he never heard yours?
  • Do you expect him to read your mind?
  • Do you think you can read his mind?
  • Do you worry about things that he cannot even comprehend?
  • Do you imagine his answers, when he gives you none?
  • Do you constantly question his feelings for you?
  • Do you question his every decision?
  • Do you feel like a wallflower?
  • Do you wish he would not interpret your needs for weakness?
  • Did you grow up believing love would be safe and non confronting?
  • Do you like the feeling of mistrust?
  • Does he?
  • Do you feel that you are the only one in this relationship?
  • Did you ever think that you would feel so torn apart when you argued with someone?
  • Did you think that you could be so hateful with someone you love so much?
  • Did you ever look just at someone and just feel total unconditional love for them?
  • Did you think that he too would feel incompetent during sex?
  • Do you know that he too suffers when you look upon him with disappointment?
  • Does he try to reach out to you in his time of need for affection and understanding?
  • Do you turn away from him, hoping that he will turn to you?
  • Do you feel like hiding from his eyes when you feel threatened by another female?
  • Does he understand you at that time?
  • Does he support you when you feel weak and failing?
  • Do you support him?
  • Do you allow him inside your head when all you want to do is die?
  • Do you come home and ask him how his day was?
  • Do you reach for him in the quiet of the night?
  • Does he reach out for you?
  • Does he make you feel sexy with just one look?
  • Do you crave his touch?
  • Does he kiss you passionately?
  • Do you kiss him back?
  • Do you love him with all your heart and soul?
  • Would you die for him?
  • Would he die for you?

I know that I have definitely reached each one of you reading, with at least one of these thought provoking questions. Did you ever think such a small sweet word like LOVE could be so full of emotions and feelings? Love has so many meanings:
  • Love means trust, even when all the cards are against you.
  • Love means understand at all costs.
  • Love means accept all without question.
  • Love means allowing a stranger into your heart.
  • Love means smiling when anyone else would frown.
  • Love means hugging when he cries.
  • Love means being silent when silence is needed.
  • Love means putting his feelings first.
  • Love means being fair.
  • Love means expecting fairness.
  • Love means commitment.
  • Love means fitting together.
  • Love means laughter.
  • Love means partnership.
  • Love means being independent.
  • Love means forgiveness.
  • Love means patience.
  • Love means pain.
  • Love means sacrifice.
  • Love means supporting.
  • Love means feeling complete.
  • Love means never going to bed mad.
  • Love means GIFT.
If you have the gift of love, cherish it, nurture it, and treat it with respect.

Never push it away, or hurt it. Never, ever abuse it, or treat it like a door mat. Embrace it.

To have the gift of love is truly an inner beauty feeling. People say they love, but truly they have no clue what love is. Love can be just as painful as it can be beautiful. It can turn on you in a heartbeat. It can become your worst enemy. It can twist your world and turn it upside down, leaving you feeling alone and empty. Love is a very powerful gift. It is when one finds true love that all of the feelings, good and bad come together. That is when they are organized and compromised to make two people into one. It is when we are one that we join forces against the world and battle together. Sometimes it feels easier to go it alone, but it is the word, "alone" that really scares me. I would rather risk it all with someone, then to be alone. 

To answer yes to any of the questions to say that you have taken the risk and you have loved~


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dating Tips for the Guys

FREE Dating Tips & Advice For Men

~How to act when a Woman Likes You~

I've become a very generous guy lately. To all my male friends,I'm giving them the gift of your newsletter. To all my females, I'm giving the gift of missing me.
I'm a recovering wuss. I took a few months off of women and worked on my inner game, with great results. I've started talking to new women again, along with old girlfriends. I find that when the c/f (Cocky & Funny) starts rolling, or even just my new found confidence, I often get a lot of compliments. What's the best way to deal with a girl coming out and saying “oh, you're so cute/funny/etc...”? Should I ignore it and keep the c/f going? Should I address it in a cocky way? I'm assuming that graciously accepting the compliment is never the right answer...

What would you say to a girl who compliments you directly? (other than “Do you do third input?”) What would your tone/body language/eye contact be like?
New Hampshire, where men are men, women are few, and sheep are nervous.


You know, this really is a great question.

One of the most important things to understand as a man is what to do when things are WORKING... so you don't SCREW IT UP!

If you use the materials that you're learning from me, you will start to have a magical thing happen more and more often... women will start to do and say things that clearly indicate that they LIKE you.
Sometimes it will be a touch, sometimes a compliment, and sometimes a smile. But these things WILL happen more and more as you get better and better.

I always laugh to myself when I bust a woman's chops really hard, and she laughs and says “You're so funny!” or “You really are good!” etc.

I still shake my head and wonder why the hell it took me so long to figure this stuff out.

But I digress... you know, while I'm digressing, what's with you ending your email with:

“>From New Hampshire, where men are men, women are few, and sheep are nervous.”

This is probably the third or fourth time that I've seen this at the end of an email.

Tell me the truth... do chicks dig this?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Online Dating...Tips!

What Online Dating ISN’T…

When people think of the term “online dating”… many imagine getting on a computer, browsing profiles, and exchanging emails with the opposite sex.

I want you to do me a favor, and wipe this image from your mind RIGHT NOW.

I want you to STOP thinking of online dating as sitting in front of a computer talking to men all day.

That is NOT what this is all about.

Online dating is simply a great tool for finding a great man… then meeting him in person and sharing a great relationship.

It is NOT about actually “dating online”… sitting on a computer for hours… “cyber sex” or making “pen pals”.

No way. What woman in her right mind wants to waste more time with a man they don’t even really know?

Online dating is simply a great way to meet someone who is right for you. And guess what else? You aren’t the only one who realizes this…

Why Thousands Of GREAT MEN Turn To Online Dating Sites… And How To Find Yours Among Them

Online dating used to have a bad reputation of being just a place where creeps and geeks went to get a date – male and female.

Fortunately that is not the case. Not by a long shot.

Nearly every guy I know who women would consider to be a GREAT CATCH has some sort of presence online… whether it be on a dating site or social network.

Especially “savvy” men who are good communicators and like to connect with the world and new people.

Here’s something to think about- I’m guessing that nearly all of the great men you know right now are TAKEN. They’re dating or married to someone you know.

And those great guys who aren’t in a serious relationship… guess what they’re doing?

Good Guys...Bad Guys!

Nice Guys vs. Bad Boys ..... Who Do You Love?


Add Your Site For Free Today!

Intense Attraction With Men!

Once upon a time, there was a woman who was very attracted to a particular man.

At first, he was just another attractive man...but the more she got to know him, the more she began to feel attracted to him... and the more time she spent with him, the more that attraction grew into a deep emotional attachment and affection for him.

But there was one problem. As her emotional attachment grew stronger and stronger, she also grew more and more insecure.


Because she couldn't tell whether or not he felt the same way towards her.

Sometimes he would talk to her and say things that led her to believe that they shared a special connection, but nothing ever progressed past the “friendship” stage.

There was an occasional glance, an occasional email or call from him... and a few times, he even opened up about something personal or emotional, and invited her “inside” for a little while.

But something was wrong with the picture.

He just wasn't acting like a man who was “falling in love”. He was acting like a friend, but at times, even more distant than a friend would be.

And things seemed to be hot and cold. Sometimes he would look at her and talk to her, and sometimes he would ignore her and close himself off.

The insecurity that she felt from all this, became a spiral that amplified itself... and the more insecure she became, the more afraid she grew of “screwing things up” or “scaring him off”, by starting conversations or asking him if he was interested in
her and why he didn't ask her out.

Plus, the more insecure she became, the less time he seemed to want to spend with her.

After spending days and nights obsessing over this guy, the woman finally arrived at the conclusion that if he only knew how SHE FELT, that he would feel the same way.

So she made a bold move.

She TOLD HIM how she felt.

She confessed her feelings and let him know that she wanted to be with him.

He responded by flirting with her and he spent some time alone with her, and they even kissed and held each other.

But soon after, he quickly withdrew, didn't call her and wasn't really “available” to her.

This only confused the woman more.

She didn't know how to take it...